Digitalising staff banks

In 2016/2017 the NHS spent £2.4bn on agency staff to cover vacancies and on average, recruitment agencies charge NHS trusts 10% for every shift filled. Last year NHS trusts in England spent £240m in agency commission fees. Locum’s Nest charges just £15 per shift filled meaning the estimated net saving available to the NHS in commission alone is £200m.

This report is all about Locum’s Nest – the NHS’ first digital collaborative bank for doctors, founded by two doctors. The app matches locum shifts to available doctors by cutting out the need for expensive agencies – successfully increasing the number of bank staff available to trusts, reducing the cost per shift and minimising or eliminating agency spend. 

The case study in this report tells the story of how Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust worked with Locum’s Nest to maximise their internal fill rates. I hope this publication gives you some ideas about how you too could use the service to enhance patient care and clinical sustainability

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