Programme overview

The Digital Boards programme is designed to support all trust boards in their digital transformation journeys. Members have the opportunity to access expert facilitation, learn from other sectors and share best practice and learning on digital transformation with peers.  

The programme can be accessed in a range of engaging formats  

  • Board resources 
  • Peer learning events  
  • Whole board development sessions  

In the first year of programme delivery, we have engaged over 1,000 board members across 192 trusts through our virtual events, bespoke board development and resources. 


Digital leadership guides: covering key topics for trusts at different points in their digital journey. The guides set the context and focus on the board's strategic leadership role, both within their own organisation and at ICS level.
Digital download briefings: exploring the changing digital landscape and the potential benefits for patients, service users and staff. Our short board briefings are designed to share key messages we've heard from NHS boards on topics identified as important to trust's digital transformation.
Knowledge hub: bite-sized board resources including video clips, case studies, blogs, and podcasts, sharing practical learning and take homes for boards on the digital transformation agenda.


Digital transformation webinars: an opportunity to learn both from peers and other sectors about key lessons in digital transformation, with facilitated discussion, best practice sharing and panel discussions designed for all board members.
Member spotlight events: designed to take a deep dive into a trust case study on digital transformation to explore the art of the possible, pitfalls to avoid and lessons learned.
Digital Boards Leadership Network: open to all board leaders, both executives and non-executives, with an interest in or responsibility for the digital agenda, along with CIOs and CCIOs below board level. It is designed to act as a trusted space for leaders to hold strategic discussions on digital. Network events focus on key policy updates and workshops, with network members receiving a regular bulletin on key topic areas.

Board development sessions 

Free bespoke board development sessions: Based on conversations with board leaders in advance of the session, bespoke agendas are designed to enable the board to reflect on their current level of digital maturity and how digital can support the delivery of the trust's strategic priorities in the future. 

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