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07 May 2021

How health services research can support boards

Stephanie Kumpunen, senior fellow at the Nuffield Trust discusses how health service research can support boards as part of their intelligence and to help them become 'research-engaged boards'. 

Stephanie KumpunenStephanie Kumpunen
04 May 2021

The beautiful thing about patient safety is how it has grown

Maxine Power, director of quality, innovation and improvement at the North West Ambulance Service, discusses the importance of problem sensing in the growth of patient safety over the years.

Maxine PowerMaxine Power
29 Apr 2021

Comparing the peaks – how does hospital activity in the latest COVID-19 wave compare to the first peak?

Claire Helm discusses NHS hospital activity in the latest COVID-19 wave compared to the first peak.

Claire HelmClaire Helm
28 Apr 2021

Dissent is too often mistaken for disloyalty in the NHS

John Coutts discusses how leading integrated care systems, their associated partnerships and collaborations successfully will need to involve good governance between organisations.

John CouttsJohn Coutts
21 Apr 2021

Passing the peaks; longer term support for colleagues after COVID-19

Richard Mitchell, chief executive of Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, discusses the need for longer-term support for colleagues after COVID-19.

Richard MitchellRichard Mitchell
20 Apr 2021

Five priority areas for scrutiny in the forthcoming bill

Chris Hopson discusses the five key areas of scrutiny in the forthcoming Health and Social Care Bill to place system working on a statutory footing.

Chris HopsonChris Hopson
19 Apr 2021

Healthcare workers must be protected from immigration insecurity

Aaron Gates-Lincoln, correspondent for Immigration News, discusses recent government action surrounding immigration rules for migrant NHS workers, the Immigration Bill, and next steps.

Aaron Gates-LincolnAaron Gates-Lincoln
14 Apr 2021

Progress against COVID-19 but we must remain cautious

Chris Hopson discusses the latest developments with the UK's vaccination programme and on the easing of lockdown restrictions in England.

Chris HopsonChris Hopson
12 Apr 2021

Our new panel to support NHS trusts with their most pressing issues

Kevin Rennie discusses our new panel of legal and advisory companies who are to support our NHS trust members, in addressing their most pressing and important challenges.

Kevin RennieKevin Rennie
09 Apr 2021

What does the post-Brexit immigration system mean for Trusts?

Cath Witcombe, public affairs manager, examines changes to the UK's immigration system since the end of the Brexit transition period, and the potential impact for trusts.

Cath WitcombeCath Witcombe
09 Apr 2021

New data on the capital maintenance backlog: a special blog for governors

Recent NHS Digital data shows there has been a substantial deterioration in the NHS estate. Patrick Garratt explains the current picture in more detail.

Patrick GarrattPatrick Garratt
08 Apr 2021

Turning the national gambling conversation into a national health conversation

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust's John Tavern discusses the opportunity to make gambling treatment a normal part of conversation in the NHS.

John TraversJohn Travers
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