Trust-wide improvement programme

Our Trust-wide Improvement programme, supported by the Health Foundation, helps senior leaders at NHS trusts to develop their understanding of improvement at scale; both organisation-wide and beyond the boundaries of a single provider.

Now in its second year, the programme provides space and time to learn from peers, exploring approaches to improvement together and supporting leaders to develop the skills and confidence they need. It also helps boards members navigate and access resources that will support them on their improvement journey.

Our strategic partnership with the Health Foundation enables us to draw on its extensive work on large scale improvement and its existing communities of improvement leads across the sector. It’s an opportunity for board leaders to come together to explore what role improvement is playing in meeting the significant challenges faced today and considers what improvement looks like as the sector moves through the pandemic and into recovery, asking how organisations might sustain beneficial changes made in recent years, how improvement is being driven across organisational boundaries, and what may be gained from aligning improvement capability in new ways.