Representing our members

We engage with parliamentary select committees, topical parliamentary debates and announcements by producing a range of briefing materials which highlight the latest issues affecting our members, who are responsible for the delivery of frontline care in the NHS. Our engagement includes submitting written and oral evidence on a range of issues to select committees, public bill committees and All Party Parliamentary Groups.

We provide parliamentarians with data and analysis for use in parliamentary debates and for the drafting of oral and written parliamentary questions. We also meet regularly with ministers, their advisers, officials and members of the opposition shadow health team to put the case for our members on a broad range of issues and to influence policy development and manifesto plans.

Parliamentary debates and legislation

Health and care is regularly debated in parliament. MPs and peers raise local and national issues, and explore both broad policy issues and specific health and care needs. We actively influence legislation relating to health and social care during its passage through both houses and through our comprehensive briefings we are able to influence the final provisions in an Act, persuading parliamentarians and government of the merits of proposed amendments and securing changes that reflect the interests of trusts and foundation trusts.

Select committees

Select committees examine government spending, policies and administration, and develop parliamentary debate. They hold a number of inquiries each year, and we submit evidence to help inform these.

Our submissions

All-Party Parliamentary Groups

All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) are informal cross-party groups and cover a wide range of issues. We regularly submit written evidence to relevant inquiries and give oral evidence to highlight issues facing our members and the wider health and care sector.

Our influencing work