Digital ICS

The Digital ICS programme is a free support offer designed to support all integrated care board (ICB) and integrated care system (ICS) leaders to better harness digital transformation to enable delivery of system ambitions.

Delivered by NHS Providers in partnership with the NHS Confederation and Public Digital, and supported by NHS England as part of their NHS Digital Academy, the programme gives ICB and ICS leaders access to digital transformation experts, peer learning and expert facilitation. The programme is an extension of the NHS Providers’ Digital Boards programme for NHS trust leaders.

Digital transformation is a fundamental enabler in achieving the four core purposes of ICSs and therefore it is critical that all system leaders understand their role in driving the digital agenda. All ICSs are different in their design and we take a highly bespoke approach to this programme so that we can provide appropriate and tailored support to each individual system.


ICSs that take advantage of our programme are supported to:

  • build the understanding, confidence and capability of ICS leaders to drive the digital agenda
  • develop stronger collective ownership and awareness of the role digital transformation plays as a critical enabler of achieving the four core purposes of ICSs. 


In the first year of programme delivery, we have engaged 89% of ICSs through our bespoke development support, peer learning and insights sharing.

Upcoming events

How can systems get the most out of their ICS digital strategies? | 1 May 2024

In this virtual event you will hear from ICS leaders and digital transformation experts on how systems can best utilise their ICS digital strategies to drive transformation. Our panel of system leaders will share how their digital strategies are helping partners across the system coalesce around the role of digital as a key enabler for system transformation. The session will:

  • Share system leaders’ reflections from their ICS digital strategy journey and their advice for successful digital transformation within a system landscape. 
  • Explore the role of ICS leaders in supporting assuring themselves on the development and implementation of the ICS digital strategy. 
  • Provide insights from digital transformation experts on  the key characteristics of a strong digital strategy and what this means for collective ICB and ICS ownership of the digital agenda. 

Find out more and book your place.

This peer learning event, as well as other resources, events and bespoke digital leadership development sessions, have been developed for ICS leaders as a part of the Digital ICS programme. This programme is delivered by NHS Providers in partnership with NHS Confederation and Public Digital and is designed to support ICS leaders to harness digital to deliver their system ambitions.

The Digital ICS board workshop helped us align what we mean by digital and how it is an enabler for our broader priorities. It was pitched at just the right level for an audience of differing backgrounds and experiences and we are now discussing how we take this forward in a second session.

Cedi Frederick    Chair, Kent and Medway NHS Integrated Care Board