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In our podcast we aim to take you to the part of the NHS you may not always hear. From NHS senior leaders to frontline hospital staff, we want to show you what trusts up and down the country are working hard around the clock to achieve. Whether you're looking for methods of best practice, to learn more about how the NHS works, to be inspired by fellow NHS colleagues, or to perhaps understand the political landscape better, we are here to help support and deliver the provider perspective in the NHS.

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Ep 52 - Winter watch: wrapping up

Closing our NHS Winter Watch series for 2022/23, NHS Providers head of media Susan Bahl reflects on the whether trust leaders’ worst fears for winter matched the reality, and how it played out in the media.

Senior research analyst Luís Costa da Silva runs through some of the key statistics and answers the question: "Was it really the worst winter for the NHS?" Finally, ambulance and operational pressures policy advisor Jonathon Holmes dives into winter’s impact on handover delays and ambulance services.

Released: 16 March 2023

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