Performance reports

NHS Providers is committed to effectively supporting our members through the unprecedented financial, structural and reputational challenges you currently face. We have set out our ambition to expand the support we provide to meet our members' needs and recognise that we need to very clearly demonstrate the service we are providing and how it is growing and improving.

Our performance report is produced in October as a mid-year update to highlight our key work over the preceding six months, so you can assess our performance against our ambition.

Our more in depth and detailed annual Providing for our members report is sent to members every April.

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Performance report 21 - October 2023

Performance report 20 - March 2023

Performance report 19 - September 2022

Performance report 18 - March 2022

Performance report 17 - September 2021

Performance report 16 - March 2021

Performance report 15 - September 2020

Performance report 14 - March 2020

Performance report 13 - September 2019

Performance report 12 - March 2019 

Providing for our members

Providing for our members 2024-25