UK Covid-19 public inquiry

The government set up the UK Covid-19 Inquiry (the Inquiry) to examine the UK's preparedness and response to the pandemic, and to learn lessons for the future. Its chair is Baroness Heather Hallett DBE. The inquiry was officially launched on 21 July 2022. During the launch the Chair set out her approach to the inquiry as well as the timetable. The Chair is taking a modular approach to the Inquiry and to date she has announced seven and opened six modules, with teams set up across the UK to investigate each one. The public hearing for modules 1 and 2 took place in 2023. The Chair plans to publish interim reports for both modules this year. Further modules will be announced in due course.

The public hearings for module 3 commence on 9 September 2024 and will conclude on 28 November 2024. Module 3 will look into the governmental and societal response to Covid-19 as well as dissecting the impact that the pandemic had on healthcare systems, patients and health care workers. This will include healthcare governance, primary care, NHS backlogs, the effects on healthcare provision by vaccination programmes as well as long covid diagnosis and support. Module 3 opened on 8 November 2022 with evidence gathered through rule 9 requests under the Inquiries Rules 2006 and three preliminary hearings. The inquiry is also conducting a listening exercise where members of the public, including people working in the health sector, can share their experiences with the inquiry. Information gathered through the listening exercise will be analysed and reported to the inquiry.

If you are a trust, and would like to get in touch with us about the inquiry, please contact head of policy and public affairs Ferelith Gaze.