As part of our offer for members we produce a number of briefings to help boards understand policy developments and provide an effective commentary. Our on the day briefings continue to be one of our most used and highly-valued products. 

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19 Jul 2024

On the day briefing: UK Covid-19 public inquiry module 1 report

This briefing summarises the key findings and recommendations made by the Inquiry.

17 Jul 2024

On the day briefing: King's Speech 2024

This briefing contains an overview of the King's Speech and key announcements relevant to health and social care.

12 Jul 2024

General election 2024: Cabinet and ministerial appointments

This briefing provides an overview of recent Cabinet and ministerial appointments following the general election.

11 Jul 2024

NHS secondary care: an overview

This explainer details the size and structure of NHS trusts and foundation trusts, their performance and activity, and how they are perceived by the public and their regulators.

10 Jul 2024

Digital ICS briefing: Keeping your integrated care system safer from cyber attacks

In the latest insights briefing from our Digital ICS programme, we share five top tips and pose a series of questions to help ICS leaders ensure they are prepared and able to respond to cyber threats.

09 Jul 2024

NHS Providers briefing on NHS pay

This briefing outlines the importance of prioritising the announcement of the 2024/25 pay award for NHS staff and explains the pay review process in England.

09 Jul 2024

System working in the NHS: How trusts work in partnership to improve care and outcomes for people

This resource looks at the role of system working in the NHS and how trusts can work in partnerships to improve outcomes.

04 Jul 2024

Making sense of health inequalities

This resource looks at the current state of the nation in relation to health inequalities and the role that NHS trusts must play in addressing them.

02 Jul 2024

10 facts about the NHS workforce

This briefing presents 10 facts about the NHS workforce, examining the current state of the workforce with a look back at the trends since 2010.

Hannah LongHannah Long
14 Jun 2024

Briefing: General election 2024 manifestos

This briefing provides a summary of the main health and social care commitments, and other relevant policy commitments, made by the Liberal Democrat, Conservative, and Labour parties.

07 Jun 2024

Summary of board meeting: CQC May 2024

This briefing summarises Care Quality Commission’s board meeting held on 22 May 2024

23 May 2024

Briefing: pre-election period considerations for NHS trusts and foundation trusts

This briefing sets out considerations for NHS foundation trusts and trusts in the period of time leading up to the 2024 general election on 4 July.

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