Our values



Together we have created a set of values and accompanying behaviours with the NHS Providers team. Our values reflect those of our member trusts, and of the NHS, and encapsulate how we work and interact with each other, our members and partners. Our values are a thread running through all of our work and are used to help us measure individual and organisational performance.



We act with honesty, compassion, openness and integrity and recognise the contribution each of us makes.



  • We are open, courteous, and support constructive debate and discussion
  • We listen, communicate openly, honestly, and explain the rationale behind decisions
  • We build a foundation of trust between colleagues, stakeholders, and partners to build meaningful relationships.



We celebrate and champion diversity and seek out different viewpoints. We act to call out and tackle discrimination.



  • We apply our knowledge, listen and consider ideas from a broad range of viewpoints to achieve the best possible outcomes for our members
  • We ask for feedback and respond constructively to ideas
  • We tackle poor or discriminatory behaviourwhen we find it, and we create an environment where staff and members feel safe to speak up and contribute
  • We strive to be self-aware and consider the impact of our behaviourson others.



We work as a team internally, and with our members, stakeholders and partners to deliver positive results.



  • We work together to encourage collaboration with teams, partners, stakeholders, and members
  • We work with our members to generate the evidence we need to voice their concerns, represent, and support them
  • We share learning and best practice to help each other continually improve and deliver positive results.



We deliver professional, high-quality work which is member led and supports the health and care service to deliver value and positive change for patients.



  • We are effective at leveraging the knowledge and capabilities of our external partners and stakeholders to drive better value for the people we support
  • We provide objective, timely feedback on individual performance
  • We are transparent and accountable to each other for what we deliver and we are accountable to our board and our membership for the performance of the organisation
  • We are able and willing to challenge the status quo and champion new ways of working to improve our services.