NHS Providers cost of living survey

The cost of living increase has been caused by inflation, which reached 10.1% in August, outpacing rises in household incomes. Our survey of 160 trust leaders, representing 54% of the trust sector, shows a high level of concern about the effect this is having on NHS staff and patients alike. Many trusts are putting in place support for people and staff, but there are concerns about long-term sustainability of these schemes, and there is a need for national, coordinated response to the pressures people are facing.


Our report sets out the key findings of the survey, including:


The briefing sets out recommendations for a coordinated national response to the rising costs of living, that addresses the wider determinants of health, offers a long-term plan to bolster the NHS workforce, and invests in prevention and health inequalities in the longer term. As the cost of living crisis progresses, including in light of recent government announcements, governors will no doubt wish to continue seeking assurance from their boards on how their trust is meeting the needs of patients and staff within their available resources, and how they plan to tackle key capacity issues alongside staff shortages and increasing demand.