Response to Lib Dems findings on NHS estate repairs

09 August 2023

In response to findings by the Liberal Democrats that England's hospitals are crumbling, with chemicals leaking in patient areas and others with multiple broken fire alarms, Saffron Cordery, deputy chief executive of NHS Providers, said:

"Keeping patients and staff safe is vital. High-quality care depends on having reliable buildings and equipment.

"Too many NHS buildings and facilities are in a very bad way and getting worse.

"Trust leaders have warned long and loud about the eye-watering cost of trying to patch up creaking infrastructure and out-of-date facilities. The multi-billion pound repairs bill is growing at an alarming rate.

"Many trusts in the government's New Hospital Programme were deeply disappointed to learn that their building plans won't be delivered before 2030. It was even more frustrating for those that missed the 'cut' and weren't given any funding at all despite expectations.

"Hospitals, mental health, community and ambulance NHS services need investment for essential projects to overhaul ageing facilities, improving care, supporting staff and giving a lift to their communities."