NHS Providers welcomes pay agreement

21 March 2018


Ministers and unions have agreed a pay deal that will see staff on an Agenda for Change contract receive a pay rise of at least 6.5% over three years.

The pay rises will be worth between 29% and 6% for NHS staff, with the highest rises going to those on the lowest rates of pay.

The health and social care secretary, Jeremy Hunt, announces that the NHS starting salary will go up from around £15,000 to more than £18,000.

The proposal does not include any changes to annual leave entitlements or unsocial hours payments.

The proposed deal will be fully funded by the Treasury.


Responding to the proposed NHS pay agreement the deputy chief executive at NHS Providers, Saffron Cordery, said:

“It is excellent news that an agreement has been reached on a pay deal that more fairly rewards NHS staff.

“Trusts have long told us that the continuation of the pay cap was damaging their ability to recruit and retain staff, and we were one of the first organisations to call for it to be scrapped. It is welcome that pay increases are tiered and will benefit those on lower pay bands the greatest.

It is welcome that pay increases are tiered and will benefit those on lower pay bands the greatest.

“We are also pleased that the additional funding will be routed directly through providers, at least for the first year.

“The agreement will provide much-needed clarity for staff, and for trusts. A fair pay deal is an important part of improving the working lives of staff, but we also have to be mindful of the other elements behind high vacancy rates if we are to keep them in the NHS. 

“It is important that we now see quick progress towards a settlement for doctors as well.

“And, given the financial pressures facing NHS trusts, it is imperative that this too is fully funded, so that trusts – which are already under enormous financial pressure - are not left to foot the bill.”

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