NHS Providers responds to plans to roll out 'Martha's Rule'

21 February 2024

Responding to an announcement from NHS England that 'Martha's Rule' will be rolled out to at least 100 sites from April, the chief executive of NHS Providers, Sir Julian Hartley said:

"Care should always be a partnership between clinical teams, patients and their families and today's announcement reinforces the critical importance of this.

"We know that where similar schemes are already in place, including in a number of NHS trusts and foundation trusts, a rapid review of a patient's condition prompted by staff, families or carers has led to improved care and lives being saved. The imminent roll-out of Martha's Rule will help ensure that concerns about a patient's care in hospital are heard and acted upon more consistently.

"Leaders across the NHS know more needs to be done to improve patient safety across the NHS and the importance of creating an open and learning culture as the foundation of safe and effective care.

"Martha's Rule will support positive ways of working and continuous improvement. We look forward to the evaluation of the initial roll-out, and consideration of how the approach could also inform care across the wider NHS."