The mental health implementation plan 2019/20-2023/24

The NHS long term plan (LTP) builds on the commitments for mental health services set out in the five year forward view for mental health (FYFVMH), emphasising collaboration and the use of digital innovations to deliver more personalised and streamlined care. The implementation plan provides a framework to support the delivery of these commitments locally, and sets out a combination of fixed, flexible and targeted approaches, with core national targets supported by flexibility for local systems to agree how best to deliver services.

A core element of the plans is workforce. Local areas are expected to ensure the ‘appropriate workforce’ is in place underpinned by local people plans. The implementation plan estimates that an additional 27,500 staff are required to deliver the LTP ambitions.

Plans are also expected to contribute to progress against mental health inequalities, ensuring equity of access. Sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) and integrated care systems (ICSs) have been directed to ensure plans are aligned with other priorities in the LTP including primary care, personalised care, learning disabilities and autism, and maternity transformation.

The implementation plan sets out deliverables across 13 core areas of mental health services provision, including child and adolescent mental health, maternal mental health services, the mental health of older people , and care for people with serious mental illness. This briefing summarises the deliverables and timeframes for implementing these.

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