NHS Providers has created a panel of top legal and advisory companies who are specialists in the health sector and experts in their field. The panel offers members the opportunity to get fast, free, expert responses to the key questions their trusts are grappling with. A way for you and your trust to quickly gather insights from different perspectives on a key challenge. The panel are commiteed to answering your questions on a pro-bono basis.

They will focus on a few key areas of specialist support that our members need as board level leaders of their organisations including:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Digital development
  • Strategy alignment and goal delivery
  • System change and partnerships
  • Other

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How do I ask the panel a question?

Simply email panel@nhsproviders.org and we will put your request to the panel, who will do their best to give you an appropriate response.

NHS Providers won’t intermediate to assess replies, they will come from individual panel members directly to you (side copying NHS Providers so that we can know your question has been answered by one or more of the panel). If you have any further points of clarity after receiving your initial responses, you are of course free to take these up with Panel members directly at your discretion.

How to join the panel

Interested in becoming a panel member for 2022/23? Find out more about panel membership. We also offer associate memberhipNHS Providers Connect partnership and sponsorship and exhibition opportunities.