Trusts optimistic about changes to CQC inspection regime

12 June 2017

The Care Quality Commission has published a response to the first consultation on its next phase of regulation. The consultation sought views on how the commission should develop its regulatory model as it begins its next inspection regime. NHS Providers contributed to the consultation.  

Trusts who responded wanted to see further details about how and when the new regime would be implemented, as well as assurances that the approach would be flexible enough to respond to changes in the health and social care landscape. Respondents were optimistic the proposals put forward for the new phase will result in a reduction of administrative burden. The CQC has said the changes will mean it works closer with its national partners to share information appropriately and avoid overlap where possible.

The CQC has also launched a second consultation which will look at how the CQC will regulate primary care and social care services, as well as how it inspects and rates providers who deliver a mix of services or are involved in new models of care.


Responding to the Care Quality Commission’s response and the launch of the second phase of consultation, Amber Davenport head of policy for NHS Providers, said:

“These proposals are a vital step in ensuring that the system of regulation for trusts is fit for the future. Trusts are positive about the direction of travel set out and the move to a more risk-based and proportionate regulatory model.

“We welcome the steps taken by the CQC to provide clarity about how and when it will begin to implement the changes which will see the next phase of inspections begin in September 2017.

Trusts are positive about the direction of travel set out and the move to a more risk-based and proportionate regulatory model.

“However our own findings suggest that the level of burden on trusts from regulation is still too high and the CQC must work with others to align activity and reduce duplication. We therefore urge the CQC to monitor this as it implements the new regulatory regime. We look forward to continuing our work with the CQC on this and facilitating engagement with the provider sector.

“The new regime must be able to respond to the changing way in which we deliver health and social care. Success will depend on having the right level of training for its inspection teams and the resources in place to deliver the right level of inspection activity as set out in the response.

“We therefore welcome the second consultation which seeks views on how the CQC inspects and rates providers that combine a complex mix of services and those involved in new models of care. The CQC must carefully consider each of the options about how it will approach ratings at provider level in the future. Lastly we welcome the CQC reviewing its approach to the fit and proper test and would encourage it to seek feedback from providers about how effectively the test has performed to date.”



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