No more strikes

15 March 2023

Responding to the continuing industrial action in the NHS, the chief executive of NHS Providers, Sir Julian Hartley, said:

"As we head towards the end of this three day stoppage from junior doctors, the full extent of the disruption caused is still emerging.

"But one thing is very clear.

"For the sake of patients, staff and the NHS, this must not happen again.

"There is a very real human cost for patients in terms of treatment deferred, pain prolonged and continuing uncertainty.

"Consultants and other staff have stepped into the breach. But the NHS was already overstretched. Morale is slipping and staff are exhausted.

"There is a financial cost as well. Paying for strike cover diverts resources from other priorities.

"The NHS has so many big strategic challenges – not least recovering backlogs – something everyone wants to see. Strikes are a major and unwelcome distraction.

"The message to the government and unions is clear. Redouble your efforts to find a way through. No more strikes."