NHS Providers view: A&E performance and linked media coverage

09 January 2017

The last few days have seen a wave of media coverage on current NHS accident and emergency department performance and how well the NHS is coping with the pressures the service experiences at this time of year.

Much of the comment and media coverage seeks to extrapolate what this current performance means for the wider state of the NHS. Our new briefing aims to set out the facts without underplaying the very real current pressures.

Our view

The NHS is, by and large, coping with this unprecedented pressure but there are a very small number of places which, for short periods of time, are failing to cope, despite best efforts. We understand the current aggregated daily situation reports show the following:

We therefore believe the suggestion that the NHS, as a whole, is “in meltdown”, “is failing to cope” or “faces a humanitarian crisis” is, at this point, an exaggeration. We believe this statement is compatible with the fact that the NHS is currently facing huge, unprecedented, pressure.

Our briefing provides more analysis of current performance levels in A&E.


NHS Providers chief executive Chris Hopson was interviewed by Channel 4 News on the issue of NHS performance, which can be viewed on the Channel 4 website.