NHS Providers response to the Times Health Commission report

05 February 2024

Responding to the Times Health Commission report, Sir Julian Hartley, chief executive at NHS Providers said:

"Over the past year the Times Health Commission has shone a light on many of the challenges and difficulties trusts and their partners face in their work to maintain and improve services for patients, but it has also pointed to innovation and opportunities, and we agree that there is real cause for optimism for the NHS.

"We will need to examine the commission's recommendations in detail, but we know that trust leaders absolutely recognise the importance of timely and convenient access to information for patients as part of the digital transformation of the NHS.

"It was striking that in our survey, highlighted by the commission, a majority of leaders were worried that the opportunities presented by digital ways of working were not being fully exploited.

"Increasing financial pressures in the NHS are putting this work – and the far-reaching benefits it may bring – at even greater risk.

"It is good that the commission has highlighted the impact of workforce pressures, and made explicit reference to the benefits of staff engagement and support, which I saw time and again as a trust leader.

"The commission is right to call for a greater emphasis on prevention and community care, and we agree about the fundamental importance of ensuring a reformed, sustainable social care system.

"This report offers an invaluable platform for debate about the future of the NHS – a better future for patients, staff and the communities it serves."