GovernWell launches induction toolkit

15 January 2016

NHS Providers has launched an induction toolkit for member company secretaries and membership managers which is a free resource to support the comprehensive induction for new foundation trust governors.

The toolkit has been designed with local delivery in mind, allowing the trust team members with whom the governors will be working most closely to lead the process. The toolkit is split into five chapters, with each chapter having a presentation and accompanying workbook:

  1. Introduction
  2. What does my trust look like?
  3. What is my role?
  4. How do I carry out my role?
  5. What type of information am I going to see?

The induction toolkit is part of the Governwell programme which aims to support governors throughout their term of office. You can find out more about the full range of courses and development resources we offer on the GovernWell webpages.

We believe that this toolkit and similar support projects, combined with GovernWell’s track record of quality training will provide the bedrock for excellent governance, and ultimately contribute to improving the overall quality of healthcare in the NHS.

If you have any questions or feedback on this resource, please contact Claire Mescia, programme manager – governor support.

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