Funding for key groups is welcome but won’t solve immediate staffing pressures

19 January 2020


Responding to the announcement of new annual support payments for key staff shortage groups, the deputy chief executive of NHS Providers, Saffron Cordery, said:


“Workforce is the number one concern for NHS trusts, so it is good to see the government taking steps to attract more recruits into some of the roles and geographical areas where the needs are greatest.


“We are particularly pleased to see the additional financial support for paramedics, and the priority given to mental health and learning disability nursing – all key areas with severe shortages.


“However, while welcome, these measures by themselves won’t solve the immediate staffing pressures.


“Training incentives must be combined with measures to recruit at a greater scale and pace from overseas in the short-term, while maintaining our focus on improving the working lives of hard-working staff in the NHS right now.


“Trusts are looking forward to working with the government to make this happen through the implementation of the NHS people plan in the coming months.”