Cutting needless bureaucracy can ease the workload on overstretched NHS staff

24 November 2020

Responding to the "bureaucracy busting strategy" announced by Matt Hancock, the director of policy and strategy at NHS Providers, Miriam Deakin, said:

"We welcome this strategy, which should help staff to work more efficiently and effectively.

"We support the commitment to reduce bureaucracy at all levels, including within the regulatory frameworks, ensuring processes add value and can be streamlined.

"For a workforce that is severely overstretched and facing the combined pressures of COVID-19, winter activity and work to clear the treatment backlog, simplifying day-to-day processes can help alleviate the load.

"We recognise that cultural and behavioural change will be needed to drive these improvements as well as support from a national and local level to ensure change is sustainable.

"We look forward to seeing further detail on how forthcoming legislation could help ease bureaucracy. Trust leaders will be committed to enabling staff to spend as much time on patient care as possible, with the right provision and help from national bodies."