Race Equality: Tackling inequalities to build a healthy workforce

Race Equality webinar, held on Monday 11 December 2023

This event built on high impact action four of the NHS equality, diversity and inclusion improvement plan "develop and implement an improvement plan to address health inequalities within the workforce". The event featured examples of how leaders are implementing initiatives that have positively impacted population health by addressing inequalities in the workforce.

Find the slides here.

Hear Dr Ify Okocha and Rachel Clare Evans share Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust's 'Building a fairer Oxleas' (BAFO) programme - informed through intensive 'deep listening' aimed at creating a more inclusive and caring workplace culture. Listen to their session Q&A to learn about their approach, the importance of building trust and psychological safety, what advice they would give to other trust leaders whose board are not 'on-board', and the workings of their shadow executive.

Hear Laura Smith discuss Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust's hyper-local recruitment work. The initiative has been designed to improve inclusivity, reduce barriers to accessing employment opportunities and create sustainability for people within the community. Listen to their session Q&A on the appropriateness of hyper-local recruitment for specialised roles>, their advice on collaborative working with system and community partners, and the impact of hyper-local recruitment on retention rates.

Hear Cavita Chapman and Tom Warner share insights from NHS England's 'We Belong' strategy and IENM evaluation - developed to review the experience of internationally educated nurses and midwives in the Midlands to improve pastoral care and workplace wellbeing. Listen to their session Q&A to hear whether trusts effectively use staff networks when welcoming their internationally educated recruits, and what boards can do to gain assurance that the experience of IERs is positive.

Listen to the panel Q&A where they answered questions on:


Chair: Cherron Inko-Tariah – vice chair, The Seacole Group