Provider Collaboration: Building capacity through provider collaboration

This webinar included two presentations from the Cheshire and Merseyside Acute and Specialist Trust Alliance (CMAST) and explored how they are developing and delivering their diagnostics programme, including their reflections on the scope, the challenges and the impacts being realised.  

: Jenny Reindorp, interim director of funded programmes, NHS Providers

Presentation one: CMAST - A focus on the diagnostic programme 

Tracey Cole, diagnostics programme manager for CMAST gave an overview of the development and implementation of the diagnostics programme over the past two years, including some of the positive changes being seen and challenges to progress. Listen to Tracey's presentation here.  

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Presentation two: CMAST - Evolution of the provider collaborative

Ben Vinter, corporate lead for CMAST covered the background and evolution of the collaborative, including priorities and focus, the development of their governance structure, challenges and enablers for success Access Ben's presentation here. 
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You can access the webinar briefing here