Provider Collaboratives: Improving Equitably | Improving waiting lists equitably: The importance of a partnership approach


A Provider collaboratives: Improving equitably peer learning event, held on Tuesday 5 December 2023.  





Listen to Ruth discuss what the evidence tells us about how NHS providers and ICSs are approaching inclusive elective recovery as well as key questions leaders should be asking themselves about inequalities in their elective backlogs. 


Listen to Russell talk about how West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts have tackled their elective waitlist and how they have started to introduce an equity lens into this work. In addition, he explored the behaviours and cultures needed to work together across organisations to reduce wait lists.  


Listen to Chris share the experience of patients on waiting lists and recommendations for how providers can support them to ‘wait well’.  



Please find a link to the presentation here. 


Here are some useful links related to equitable recovery that we shared during the session:


Q Community

This Q-funded project has developed the UK’s first-ever digital library of patient experience evidence with the potential to become a powerful new force in tackling health inequality.   


Moving past backlogs: how can a focus on data help to ensure equitable access to services? Find out about the 5 priorities for making progress identified in our latest Q community insight project  


The King’s Fund 


Podcast: ‘Elective care waiting lists: can you make them fair?’ 


In this episode, Ruth Robertson explores how the NHS elective care waiting list can be managed in a way that improves health equity with Dr Mark Ratnarajah, UK Managing Director at C2-Ai, Sharon Brennan, Director of Policy and External Affairs at National Voices and Dr Polly Mitchell, Post Doctoral Research Fellow in Bioethics and Public Policy at King’s College London. 


Taking an inclusive approach to tackling the elective care backlog (Slides for NHS Boards) 


Tackling Health Inequalities in Waiting List (Full report) 


Tackling Health Inequalities in Waiting List (Summary) 



Health Disparities: waiting for planned care (Report) 


People living in the poorest areas waiting longer for hospital treatment (News post) 


Healthwatch’s position on elective care (News post) 


The Strategy Unit 

Case studies collated from across the NHS on inclusive elective recovery. 



Health Inequalities Book - This project is a collection of information and knowledge related to analytical work on “Health Inequalities”, as performed in the NHS and the wider UK Health and Social Care sector. The aim of the project is to collect together information that is helpful and relevant to analysts doing work in this space.  


Make Data Count Analysts Network – Presentation on National Health Inequalities