Our new panel to support NHS trusts with their most pressing issues

Have you ever wanted fast and expert responses to a key question your trust is grappling with? Ever wanted to quickly gather insights from different perspectives on a key challenge? Ever had a restless night turning over a problem, wanting to find a way through?

Our new NHS Providers Panel is here to help. 

NHS Providers has established a new panel of legal and advisory companies who are experts in their field and specialists in the health sector, to support you, NHS trust members, in addressing your most pressing and important challenges. All NHS trusts can now draw on this panel for relevant knowledge and insight.

If you have a question for the panel they can be contacted by emailing panel@nhsproviders.org.

Why are we doing this?

We have been using our commercial programmes to bring you some of the best insight and support from a wide range of organisations. Two of the new panel members have been supporting us for some time in this context.  However, we felt it was time to harness a wider range of experts in the legal and consultancy sectors, to provide members with expert knowledge on the issues we are all collectively tackling. It was from this desire that the idea of our NHS Providers Panel was born.

We have brought together three top legal firms and four great consultancy firms with great knowledge and insight, who are  all committed to confidentially answering questions put to the panel on a pro-bono basis.

This is not meant to replace the need for trusts to contract for appropriate specialist support. Instead, it will provide a fast-track route to enable you to get the initial insight you need quickly and then, if appropriate, decide whether more in-depth, paid-for support is required, whether from a panel member or otherwise.

What services will the panel provide?

All the legal companies provide a full service offering to trusts and the advisory firms have broad and complementary ranges of expertise in the healthcare sector. The full range of expertise covered by panel includes:

  • Full-service legal advice
  • Continuous improvement
  • Digital development
  • Strategy alignment and goal delivery
  • System change and partnerships
  • Workforce challenges (including mediation, investigations and diagnosis).

Which companies are involved?

We are proud to announce that the NHS Providers panel members are:

  • Browne Jacobson
  • Capsticks
  • Globis Mediation
  • Hempsons
  • Newton Europe
  • NHS South Central and West Commissioning Support Unit
  • Virginia Mason Institute.


We will be sharing articles and thought leadership from each company as they share some of their insights over the coming months, so do look out for those.  In the meantime, you can read more about each of the companies involved on our website.

How do I ask the Panel a question?

If you want to ask the panel a question, simply email panel@nhsproviders.org and we will put your request to the panel.

NHS Providers won't intermediate to assess replies, they will come from individual panel member direct to you (side copying NHS Providers so that we can know your question has been answered by one or more of panel members). If you have any further points of clarity you need after receiving your initial responses, you are of course, free to take these up with panel members directly at your discretion.

Each company has agreed to give up to 50 hours per annum pro bono to answer questions and requests put to the panel.

We hope you will find this a valuable service to help you address the issues and challenges ahead. If you have any feedback or would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch.