We sent this survey to leaders from all trusts. The survey was online and open during October:

  • 183 trust leaders from 121 trusts responded to the survey, accounting for 57% of the provider sector.
  • All trust types and regions were represented in the survey.
  • 34% of trust leaders were in acute trusts, 19% were in combined acute and community trusts, 17% were in combined mental health/learning disability and community trusts, 10% were in mental health/learning disability trusts, 9% were in community trusts, 5% were in acute specialist trusts, and 5% were in ambulance trusts.
  • All regions were represented in the sample, ranging from 21% of trust leaders in the Midlands to 8% in the east of England.
  • 11 job roles were represented in the sample, with 22% being chairs, 22% chief executives, 13% finance directors, and 4% medical directors.