Welcome to Providers deliver: Resilient and resourceful through COVID-19. This is the third report in the publication series in which we celebrate and promote the work of NHS trusts and foundation trusts in improving care for patients and service users.

Our first Providers deliver report last autumn explored the way trusts have responded to feedback from Care Quality Commission, encouraging great ideas that have improved care. The next in the series, published earlier this year, looked at new roles for trusts in prevention.

This time we are focusing on the response to COVID-19. The impact of the virus means in many ways the context for this series has changed dramatically, but the concept behind it has never been more relevant.

As we seek to influence and shape the environment in which trusts operate, highlighting the many challenges they face, we also want to ensure the extraordinary work and achievements by trusts and their staff are acknowledged, and that the lessons learned are shared.

The case studies in this report are a timely reminder of the resilience and resourcefulness that has characterised the response of trusts and their staff to the challenges posed by the pandemic. We will continue to work with trusts to celebrate their achievements, share their learning, and show how – even in the most difficult circumstances – providers are delivering for patients, service users and their staff.

Saffron Cordery

Deputy chief executive, NHS Providers