Over the coming year trusts will look to lock in the gains made during the pandemic and harness the potential of digital transformation to support both staff and service recovery. The Digital Boards programme aims to support boards to lead their organisation through this next phase. We will:

1  Continue to share best practice

  • We will organise more peer learning events that will also include lessons from other sectors.
  • Our member spotlight series will continue with deep dives on key digital transformations.
  • Our new Digital Boards leadership network will keep leaders up to date on digital developments
    with bulletins, events and in time an online community of practice.

2  Deliver more bespoke board development sessions

Focusing on the needs of board leaders, these will include follow-up sessions for boards looking to take the next steps on their digital journey. Some of our existing modules include:

  • defining digital and taking collective ownership
  • good governance for digital delivery
  • technology fundamentals for leaders

We will continue to develop more modules based on trust's needs and member feedback.

3  Produce further resources for busy trust leaders

We will publish more leadership guides shaped by the sector's strategic priorities over the coming year. We will continue our Digital Download board briefing series on top tips and thematic playbacks from our board sessions. And we will generate ideas and learning by growing our existing knowledge hub with further board resources and reflection pieces.


Tell us your priorities to help us shape the programme in a way that will be of most use to board leaders. Where do you need support?