Bespoke board development sessions

Our board development sessions are tailored to the development needs of each trust board. These sessions are tailored to your board's digital maturity and are co-designed with members of the board to support the strategic direction of the trust.

To deliver these sessions, NHS Providers has partnered with Public Digital to ensure members have access to expert facilitation and learning on digital transformation from other organisations and sectors. You can find out more about our delivery team here. 

While each session is different, some previous sessions have covered:  

  • Ensuring the whole board understand the need to take collective and individual ownership of the trust’s digital transformation. 
  • Building board confidence in assuring the delivery of digital programmes and setting priorities as part of a long-term vision. 
  • Helping the board understand the conditions for successful transformation, and how to build a successful digital delivery culture. 
  • Sharing insights from other sectors including why digital organisations have succeeded or failed, how to create a good digital strategy and technology fundamentals for leaders. 

We will work with you to ensure the session is delivered in the preferred manner, whether that be in person or virtually.