Trust leaders also identified the following examples of innovation and good practice which are supporting them and their partners to tackle pressures and provide better services for patients:

  • Patient First improvement programme: an approach built on proven improvement techniques leading to transformations for both patients and staff
  • #Call Me: approach allowing patients to request their preferred name and title while in hospital, providing comfort and reassurance that their identity is respected
  • Clinical assessment service for care homes: nursing and residential care homes direct and priority access to a dedicated clinical assessment service in the aid of reducing avoidable and unnecessary hospital admissions
  • BSL (British sign language) app which provides timely information for deaf patients
  • Team Up: place-based collaborative approach (community, GP, mental healthcare, adult social care, etc) to care for those who are housebound
  • Sustainability campaigns such as Dare to Care and Care without Carbon: delivering health services that care for the environment as well as people.