Trusts are taking action to support patients, communities, and staff. They recognise that they are 'anchors' in their communities and offer a reliable front door to access support of all kinds during difficult circumstances.

We pull from quite a compact community so we will remain a 'go to' anchor institution where they will seek our support in difficult times... Repeat non admitted attendances at A&E is high and will get higher.

Acute trust, North West    

Trusts are increasingly working in partnership and providing additional community outreach services. Some are offering widened access to digital initiatives for remote services, or providing referrals to local food banks, debt advice services, and other services which support people in financial difficulty.

Figure 7

Actions taken by trusts to support patients and communities with cost of living

Alongside this, trusts are stepping up support for staff. Three quarters (72%) offer financial advice and education, with 10% more planning to introduce this service. Others are offering direct support, including food banks (27% offering, with 19% planning to do so). While trusts were already supporting staff in a variety of ways, many more have introduced these measures this year in direct response to the rising cost of living and are seeing increases in take-up and requests for further support.

Figure 8

Support offered by trusts to their staff to support with the cost of living