This is the sixth in a series of Spotlight on… briefings, aimed specifically at sharing key information on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on NHS trusts.

As part of wider efforts responding to the coronavirus pandemic, NHS trusts have accelerated the adoption of digital across health and care services. The scale and speed of implementing these digital innovations has been impressive, with staff going above and beyond, using sophisticated approaches and adapting to new ways of working.

The impact of these changes is clear: new, digital ways of working have allowed staff to continue the delivery of safe, effective and timely care during the crisis. This briefing showcases some of these innovations in the acute, specialist, mental health, ambulance and community sectors. These considerable achievements have shown how adaptable and innovative the NHS can be in the face of unprecedented pressures. 

There is now an opportunity to build on the progress made by trusts and truly transform services to meet the needs and expectations of patients, service users and carers.