Quality and Improvement conference 2024

23 May – County Hall, London

About the conference

This year, we're excited to introduce our first joint Quality and Improvement conference, marking the return of our lead quality event to face-to-face format since 2019. The conference will bring together industry leaders, innovators, and experts to reshape the future of healthcare delivery.

Our theme, 'North Star', directs our focus towards embedding quality and improvement seamlessly into patient care. With a gathering of trust leaders from diverse sectors, we're diving deep into understanding how ongoing service pressures impact the quality of care. 

As the NHS navigates the challenge of enhancing care with limited resources, there's a critical risk of overlooking long-term innovation and care quality. Our mission is clear: realign the focus, ensuring that quality remains an inherent part of every healthcare dialogue. 

This conference is free for NHS Providers' members, and bookings are now open. 

Key Discussion Points 

  • Uniting national vision with local innovation.
  • Elevating quality: boosting efficiency, workforce well-being, and patient outcomes.
  • Balancing acts: sustainability vs. immediate gains.
  • Strategies for integrating quality of care and improvement in every conversation.
  • The context of NHS IMPACT reinforcing the principles that underpin a systematic approach to continuous improvement.

Who should attend?

Quality and Improvement conference is open to board members, chairs and chief executives, clinical and operations directors, medical and nursing directors, strategy directors, heads of quality and improvement, and non-executive directors.  



Registration and networking




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Plenary one

Towards courageous leadership together, and away from the heroic individual – delivering safe, high-quality care in today's NHS

This session will look at the role of courageous leadership in the NHS, as trust leaders seek to deliver safe, high-quality care through a clear vision and set of values, through collaborative working, highly visible managers and leaders skilled in communication, and inviting constructive challenge from diverse viewpoints. How can a leadership focus on learning, improvement, risk management and shared endeavour support a culture of safety and designing care around patient needs? How can courageous leadership help trusts to respond to the pressures on the NHS across the realms of performance, finance and quality?


Plenary two

Addressing spirals of silence and assuring freedom to speak up, from ward to board and beyond

Recent high-profile cases of failures in quality of care have raised a number of questions related to working cultures within the NHS. How can we create a culture of openness where staff feel confident in speaking up, where boards feel confident in how they are listening and problem sensing? How can we create a culture of openness across systems and nationally, where risks and issues are explored collaboratively and met with support?




Breakout sessions (afternoon)

Deploying improvement approaches at pace

While it takes time to build improvement capability and experience, and to embed complex interventions, it is still possible to deploy improvement approaches at pace. This session will bring together board members with experience of putting in place structures and support that have allowed their organisations to deploy individuals with improvement skills or improvement teams when a sudden unexpected challenge arises to share their reflections and learning.

Identifying and calibrating organisational risk

How would your trust know something was wrong? How sensitive is your board to picking up and acting on the signals coming from its own service delivery and from local communities and partners? Where do biases and blind spots exist, and how can these be addressed? This session will give attendees the opportunity to consider how their view of risk is formed, and discuss practical ways of sensing quality and safety risks at board level.

Closing the gap: practical steps in addressing racial discrimination

Workforce diversity is essential for the delivery of high-quality care to all patients, many of whom are also from diverse backgrounds. This session aims to support trust leaders to better understand the existing disparity in the treatment of ethnic minority staff and provides insights and practical advice from those who have implemented strategies to improve the experience of ethnic minority staff and address structural racism and discrimination.




Plenary three

Capturing the benefits and articulating the value of improvements

Further information will be available soon.


Breakout sessions (late afternoon)

Working together to build a safety culture

Culture has a profound impact on safety and is a key component safety management systems. This session will explore the connection between the board and the ward through a safety culture lens. Is trust governance fit for purpose in enabling clinical learning and patient safety? How are trusts actively enabling learning cultures? Are we creative and curious enough in the design, running and oversight of services? What successes have we seen in improving patient safety, and what are the opportunities for trusts to go further?

Evidence-empowered decision making

An evidence-based system harnesses the power of research in designing more effective organisations, improving services, and achieving better outcomes. This session will open with colleagues sharing their experiences of the drivers and enablers of evidence-based approaches, and then move to facilitated table discussions to support peers in learning from each other.


Learning from others and each other

In this session, speakers will bring a range of examples to discuss how collaboration – and collaboration in a variety of forms – has supported and enhanced their work. We will then move to facilitated table discussions to support peers in learning from each other.


Conference closes


Showcase reception and networking

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As part of the conference, we are also hosting our Quality and Improvement showcase. A key part of our conference, the showcase is opportunity for trusts to submit case studies of their best practice and learnings to raise their trusts' profile as part of our conference exhibition

This year's showcase will focus on embedding quality and improvement throughout delivery of patient care and is a chance to promote learnings and engage in discussions with peers.

This year, we want to learn how trusts have demonstrated how they have used systematic improvement approaches to meet organisation-wide priorities and strategic objective(s). We are particularly interested to see examples aligned with the themes of the conference, including:

  • Establishing effective leadership for improvement.
  • Creating a workplace culture to enable and support improvement.
  • Adopting a consistent and systematic approach to improving quality.
  • Building improvement skills from senior leaders through to frontline staff.
  • Bringing staff, patients and communities together to improve and redesign the way that care is provided.

We will be showcasing six finalists who will be selected by NHS Providers' quality professionals. Our judges will be looking for:

  • To what extent can others learn from and replicate the example in their own trusts?
  • Is it clear what behaviour and/or process changes occurred at board level and how this contributed to success?
  • Is there evidence of a positive and sustainable impact? For example, on the board, the trust, its workforce and/or patients and communities?
  • Would this work prompt useful conversations between participants at the conference?

Learn more and submit your application


Deadline for your applications is Monday, 26 February.


You can also see our previous Quality showcase finalists here


Contact us

For further information or for any questions relating to the conference, email our events team at events@nhsproviders.org.