Together with the NHS Confederation, NHS Clinical Commissioners and the Local Government Association, we are working to help spread the learning from the vanguard programme more widely across the health and care sector. This publication explores how five vanguards are implementing innovative digital technology solutions at the heart of a new approach to care.

Rising demand for services, constrained funding and a multitude of workforce challenges require us to think differently about the way we deliver health and care services to meet people’s needs and expectations. Digital tools are key part of the answer to this set of challenges, and the NHS Five year forward view outlined ambitious plans to deliver a step-change in how health and care services use technology. 

The report describes how the starting point for any project introducing new technology should be the perspective of the end users. Technological solutions should be co-produced with people who use services and clinicians to ensure that the solutions are anchored in their needs and experiences. Engaging staff in the development process, understanding how they work and want to work in future, and providing ongoing support and training, is crucial to the successful implementation of new digital technologies.

We hope these case studies will be a valuable resource for others who are working with partners in their local areas to harness technology to deliver transformational and lasting change.


With thanks to South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit for providing case studies that were adapted for this report.