Sections 182-186


This part allows the health and social care secretary, by regulations, to make provision that is consequential on this Act. Where regulations modify primary legislation, the affirmative procedure must be used (meaning they must be actively approved by both houses of parliament). Otherwise, regulations can be made under the negative procedure. Regulations made under the negative procedure becomes law on the day the minister signs them and automatically remains law unless a motion – or 'prayer' – to reject it is agreed by either House within 40 sitting days.

Key Section

Section 186: Commencement

Most provisions of the Act will come into force on the day or days specified by the health and social care secretary in regulations, other than Part 7 (dealing with consequential amendments, regulations, extent, commencement, and the Act's title) which came into force on 28 April 2022. Exceptions are set out in section 186.