Whittington Health NHS Trust

Whittington Health NHS Trust are working together with councils, GPs and the voluntary sector in localities to create a step forward in how well they prevent issues arising and nip them in the bud early, through more integrated public services and more resilient communities.

They have created a collective vision that has achieved a simpler, more joined-up local system that offers the right support at the right time. This has managed the growth in demand and reduced duplication in the system.

They have created integrated, multi-disciplinary teams from across the public sector to work together on the same geography, tackling issues holistically and focused on relationship-building and identifying root causes.

The workforce feels connected to each other and able to work ­flexibly, meaning they are better able to meet people’s needs. They have also created a new system partnership with the voluntary sector to co-ordinate local activity, networks and opportunities – so that they make the best use of the strengths and assets of our communities.

The journey they have been on to create truly integrated secondary, primary and community services has resulted in reduced attendances and admissions for people living with long-term conditions.

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