Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Using the Internet of Things and AI to help people with dementia live well at home

Technology integrated health management (TIHM) for dementia is a multi-award winning Internet of Things system, developed by the NHS in partnership with academia, industry and the voluntary sector, to transform support for people with dementia.

It uses a network of digital devices installed in people’s homes in combination with predictive algorithms to remotely observe health, wellbeing and environment 24/7. If the technology identifi­es a person is becoming unwell, an alert is flagged and prioritised on a digital dashboard and followed up by a dedicated monitoring team.



More than 400 people participated in a randomised control trial for six months to test the technology. The most common alerts were linked to blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, dehydration and agitation.

An independent evaluation found that TIHM led to early interventions ensuring people received timely treatment at home, resulted in a signifi­cant and sustained improvement in the mental health of people with dementia, led to the creation of successful predictive algorithms to detect urinary tract infection and agitation, irritation and aggression and  was welcomed by people with dementia and their carers.

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