Staff at the heart of new care models

We share resources which show how health and care staff have played a pivotal role in developing and implementing new models of care and the importance of leadership and engaging staff in change.


Learning from the vanguards: staff at the heart of new care models looks at how the vanguards have broken down traditional organisational barriers across whole systems, how they have engaged staff in the programmes, communicated change and supported staff to work differently. The vanguards have demonstrated the positive impact that effective leadership and open, permissive cultures can have on motivating staff to lead and embrace change.  


Acute care collaboration vanguard

Sarah Morgan, the director of organisational development and vanguard programme director at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, discusses the partnership between Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust and Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, an acute care collaboration vanguard, and how it has engaged staff in developing new models of care.

In conversation with Matthew McNair-Smith, policy and membership manager at the NHS Confederation, Sarah explains how the two trusts are collaborating to create sustainable services and to improve care for people and their families.

Sarah highlights how the partnership is supporting clinicians to drive improvements in services and quality. Sarah also shares tips for how to bring staff on-board with service change and build relationships across new teams, and offers advice on overcoming barriers to change. 

This podcast is part of a briefing series by NHS Providers, NHS Confederation, NHS Clinical Commissioners and the Local Government Association to help share learning from the vanguards.



Calderdale and Wakefield vanguards

Merran McRae, chief executive of Wakefield Council, talks about her experience of the vanguard programmes in Calderdale and Wakefield, and about what she's learned. 

The conversation, led by Fiona Russell of the Local Government Association, explores the successes from the vanguards Merran has worked on, the biggest challenges she has faced and opportunities for the future. 

In the podcast Merran shares her views on the importance of recognising how to use the whole workforce asset base across the vanguards, looking at how staff are deployed to maximise their impact. She also explains how the vanguard projects have allowed the NHS and local authorities to experiment and take risks that they would not ordinarily take.

Merran explains how new models of care are making a positive difference to the experience of patients, reducing the number of professionals involved in care, speeding up access to treatment pathways and empowering the individual. However, these are not perfect systems and Merran shares ideas for areas that could be improved, and her desire for a 'community of learning'.



Multispeciality community provider vanguard

Paul Maubach discusses the Dudley multispecialty community provider vanguard and how it brings together different parts of the NHS to transform care. 

The conversation, led by the NHS Confederation’s Dr Phil McCarvill, explores the development of the MCP model in Dudley, the challenges and tensions involved in creating an accountable care organisation and the benefits of working in a ‘team without walls’.

Sharing key learning from the journey so far, Paul discusses the importance of staff and public engagement, keeping a focus on outcomes and learning from others along the way.



Case studies

The East Midlands Radiology Consortium (EMRAD) network and its new way of working can save money as well as improve the clinical care offered within urgent services such as major trauma and stroke and in regional acute surgical centres. It also improves the support available to smaller hospitals and outpatient facilities around the region.
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