Five year forward view

The NHS Five year forward view (FYFV) sets out a shared strategic vision for the future of the NHS. Published on 23 October 2014, it represents the first time NHS England, Public Health England, Health Education England, the Care Quality Commission, Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority (now NHS Improvement) have come together to publish a collective view of how the health service needs to develop in the coming years, and how this might be achieved.

On the publication of the Forward view, NHS Providers' policy team published our in-depth analysis of its implications for providers, and the NHS Providers view.

"Gaps" in the health system

The NHS Five year forward view identifies four pressing "gaps" which the health system will need to address, and proposes solutions.

New care models

The models of care set out in the FYFV have formed the basis for the new care models programme which is supporting selected local partnerships to rapidly implement innovative service change. These areas are known as 'vanguards' and the types of provision they cover include:

NHS England, NHS Improvement, Public Health England, the CQC and Health Education England are now developing detailed frameworks for the different models to support local areas as they take the next steps to transform the NHS and deliver the FYFV.

The government has endorsed the FYFV and committed an additional £8bn funding for the service, which has been frontloaded in 2016/17. A dedicated sustainability and transformation fund was established from which funding is allocated to the vanguards based on their value propositions. 

National governance for the delivery of the 5YFV

The partner organisations which jointly authored the FYFV have established a governance structure to oversee its delivery. This includes collective leadership and oversight by all seven arm's length bodies, eight programme-specific boards, each chaired by an arm's length body, and three independently-chaired, time-limited task forces on mental health, maternity services and cancer.

NHS Providers is represented on several of the Forward view boards, as well as forming part of the FYFV coalition, a stakeholder group convened to support implementation of the Forward view and hold national partners to account for the delivery of their FYFV commitments.

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