Episode 60 - Dr Tim Ferris on electronic patient record systems

After a short summer break, The Provider Podcast returns!

Director of Communications Adam Brimelow hosts this episode, focusing on the importance of electronic patient record systems (EPRs) in trusts’ digital transformation journeys.

Hear from deputy chief executive Saffron Cordery as she shares some background information on the need for and impact of EPRs, and some of the challenges trusts have encountered.

NHS England’s former director of transformation Dr Tim Ferris also features to discuss what he learnt in the role, how the UK’s journey compares to the US’ and what he would have done differently if he had the chance to go back.

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Episode 61 - Breaking down barriers in mental health

Head of media Susan Bahl hosts this episode on how trusts are working to destigmatise mental health including efforts to integrate mental health services within their surrounding communities.

Deputy chief executive Saffron Cordery shares leaders' current biggest concerns and dissects what exactly is needed to improve services for patients, in line with this year's World Mental Health day theme 'mental health is a universal right.'

Hear also from South West London and St Georges Mental Health trust chair Ann Beasley and integrated programme director Ian Garlington as they discuss their latest redevelopment project, and how they're creating a new community around and within their mental health trust.

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Episode 62 - Party politics and the NHS

Director of communications Adam Brimelow hosts this episode, reflecting on the key announcements, messaging and takeaways from this year's party conferences, focusing on workforce wellbeing and capital investments in the NHS.

Senior external affairs manager Kerry Racher discusses the announcements made by Labour, the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives, and the effects these would have on the NHS.

NHS Providers chief executive Sir Julian Hartley shares his experience of his party conference debut and explores the importance of representing NHS Providers at these events.

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Released: 26 October2023

Episode 63 - Providers Deliver on enabling wellbeing in trusts

Director of communications Adam Brimelow discusses the innovative work done by six trusts to enable wellbeing within their organisationsas part of our Providers Deliver autumn report. NHS Providers policy advisor Zosia Walecka talks us through each case study, highlighting the challenges, the approaches taken and factors behind their success.

Hear in more detail about Mersey and West Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust's efforts to get their strategic approach right and Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust's work to create an inclusive and compassionate workplace culture.

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Released: 9 November 2023

Episode 64 - Annual Conference and Exhibition 2023

In our last episode for 2023, we're at our annual conference and exhibition in Liverpool.

Delegates share their experiences of this year's flagship event with our director of communications Adam Brimelow, telling us about the standout sessions and key takeaways for healthcare leaders.

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Released: 23 November 2023