Episode 27 - NHS Communicators: Stepping it up

In this episode Adam Brimelow speaks with Daniel Reynolds, NHS Confederation director of communications, and Carrie-Ann Wade, director of communications at North East London NHS Foundation Trust, on the importance of the role of communications in the NHS, how to support your comms colleagues, how Covid-19 has impacted the communications sector and all you need to know about our upcoming NHS Communicate Conference and Awards.

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Released: 09 September 2021

Episode 28 - NHS Funding: Who, what, where, when?

In this episode you'll hear Chris Hopson, NHS Providers chief executive (2012-21), and Miriam Deakin, director of policy and strategy, join Adam Brimelow to discuss all things NHS funding, as they update you on recent funding announcements, who they apply to, where the new funding can be used, what to expect in the upcoming spending review and what NHS Providers have been working toward.

We also discuss the financial implications from Covid-19 and the potential hardships of winter 2021. 

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Released: 07 October 2021

Episode 29 - Race Equality in the NHS: On the frontline

This episode covers how inclusion and diversity are being implemented and supported throughout our trusts as Saffron Cordery, NHS Providers deputy chief executive, Ifti Majid, chief executive at Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, and Steve McManus, chief Executive of Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, discuss the actions board members are taking to promote racial equality and be actively inclusive through their conversations and actions as leaders.

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Released: 21 October 2021

Episode 30 - NHS Providers: Coming Together

In this episode Adam Brimelow speaks with Saffron Cordery, NHS Providers deputy chief executive, on the latest funding announcements in the NHS, including capital investment and concerns surrounding NHS workforce education and training.

And the latest on our upcoming Annual Conference #NHSP21, following our recent announcement to turn the event virtual rather than face-to-face. The theme of the conference is 'Together' and Saffron explains how this theme is still relevant to us all even in a virtual format. You can find out more about our conference programme, including our speakers and find out how to book your FREE place online.

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Released: 04 November 2021

Episode 31 - NHS Providers: Annual Conference 2021

In this episode of The Provider Podcast, Adam Brimelow revisits some of the key moments from NHS Providers' annual conference 2021. Including HSJ deputy editor Dave West, and NHS Providers chief executive (2012-21) Chris Hopson.

You can also listen back to what was said by Amanda Pritchard, NHS England chief executive, Sajid Javid, secretary of state for health and social care, Anita Charlesworth, director of research and the REAL Centre at the Health Foundation, and Saffron Cordery NHS Providers deputy chief executive. 

If you'd like to watch the sessions back in full from the NHS Providers annual conference #NHSP21, you can do so here.

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Released: Thursday 25 November 

Episode 32 - Annual Conference 2021: Amanda Pritchard keynote

In this episode Adam Brimelow introduces Amanda Pritchard's keynote speech from our virtual annual conference which we held in November 2021.

She reflects on the past 18 months in the NHS and outlines her priorities as chief executive of NHS England, including responding to winter pressures, continuing to support the Covid-19 vaccine programme, recovery from non-Covid services and transforming the NHS, particularly in areas of partnerships, workforce and digital transformation.

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Released: 2 December

Episode 33 - NHS Pressures: Omicron and Boosters

In this episode, Adam Brimelow invites Chris Hopson, NHS Providers chief executive (2012-21), and Saffron Cordery, deputy chief executive, to share the latest on the Omicron variant, recent government announcements surrounding booster vaccinations and the impact these are having on the health and care sector.

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Released: 16 December 2021