Episode 34 - Winter Watch : Omicron and Winter Pressures

After a break over the festive period, The Provider Podcast returns as Adam Brimelow invites Chris Hopson, NHS Providers chief executive, Saffron Cordery, deputy chief executive and Luís Costa da Silva, Senior Research Analyst, to assess the impact of Omicron and the latest statistics indicating how the NHS is handling winter pressures.

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Released: 13 January 2022.

Episode 35 - A healthcare insight: Mandatory vaccines and ICSs.

In this episode Adam Brimelow is joined by NHS Providers chief executive (2012-21) Chris Hopson to discuss the recent change of approach to mandatory vaccinations and Senior Policy Manager Georgia Butterworth who gives an insight to how trusts are preparing for system working and what NHS Providers are doing to support integrated care boards as the date for statutory integrated care systems is on the horizon.

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Released: 03 February 2022

Episode 36 - Climate change: a public health emergency

In this episode, Adam Brimelow discusses the 'living with Covid' plan with NHS Providers deputy chief executive Saffron Cordery.

He is also joined by specialist advisor Toby Lewis, Luke O’Shea, director of innovation, University College London Hospital and Natalie Davies, chief of staff, Kent Community Health trust, to discuss our climate change report, Climate Change is a Public Emergency. Toby discusses the context for our new report and the challenges ahead, while Luke and Natalie give examples from their respective trusts on their sustainability journey and explain how they are attempting to create a greener NHS

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Released: 25 February 2022

Episode 37 - Race equality: Becoming actively anti-racist

This episode focuses on the critical subject of race equality. Coinciding with the launch of our new report, Race 2.0 - Time for real change, Adam Brimelow speaks with chief executive (2012-21) Chris Hopson, who shares his journey on how to be actively anti-racist. Deputy chief executive Saffron Cordery discusses the anti-racism statement we are producing as well as what actions we are taking, while associate director of programmes Jenny Reindorp discusses the findings from Race 2.0 - Time for real change.

We’re also joined by Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust non-executive director Sim Scavazza, to discuss how the NHS (and NHS Providers as an organisation) needs to do more and the challenges we must tackle personally and professionally.

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Released: 10 March 2022

Episode 38 - NHS staff survey results: the bigger picture

In this episode, Adam Brimelow sits down with NHS Providers chief executive (2012-21) Chris Hopson to discuss the final Ockenden review.

NHS Providers senior policy manager Finn O'Dwyer-Cunliffe and policy advisor Sarah White also join Adam to discuss the findings from last week's NHS staff survey results which highlights the harsh reality of those on the frontline over the 2020-2022 timeline.

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Released: 7 April 2022