Response to 2017-19 national tariff proposals

NHS Providers broadly welcomes this opportunity for the sector to engage on some elements of the 2017-2019 proposals, namely the principles behind the moves to a two year national tariff, and changes to currency design and relative prices. We also note the continued simplified language and improved documents as welcome additions to the tariff engagement process compared to the past two years. 

More generally, although the proposals intend to deliver a more accurately calculated tariff, with the subsequent aim of delivering income proportionately and to the right places, the national bodies still need to recognise that delivering within the total quantum allocated presents a huge challenge for providers to meet the demands being placed on the sector. Providers are striving to become more and more efficient, but constant efficiencies are proving harder and harder to deliver. While more accurate pricing and greater stability are positive moves in the right direction, the challenge of delivering should not be under estimated.

Our detailed feedback on the proposals can be downloaded below.

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