NHS Standard Contract 2016/17: feedback submission

We are providing a response on behalf of the sector to the call for feedback issued by NHS England, for proposed essential changes to the Standard Contract for 2017/18.

NHS Providers welcomes NHS England’s contracting priorities for 2017/18, and considers that in addition, the following policy areas require essential examination for 2017/18:

1. NHS England must ensure timely publication of key contracting documentation and alignment with national tariff proposals;

2. NHS England must review the provider fines regime against the core quality standards, and as an interim measure, must stipulate a contractual obligation on the part of commissioners to reinvest withheld funding;

3. NHS England should re-evaluate its dual role as direct commissioner and setter of commissioning rules.

This submission outlines our recommended essential changes to the above key areas in greater detail, and provides greater detail on our recommended essential technical changes to the Standard Contract and Technical Guidance.

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