NHS Providers submission to NHS England's consultation on mental health in the long-term plan

Following the government’s announcement of a financial settlement for the NHS, NHS England (NHSE) called for written submissions regarding mental health in the long term plan. In our response we answer the 11 questions posed by NHSE, including but not limited to:

  1. What are your top three priorities for meeting the mental health needs of people of all ages in England? Over the next five, and ten years?
  2. What gaps in service provision currently exist, and how do you think the NHS should address them?
  3. People with physical health problems do not always have their mental health needs addressed; and people with mental health problems do not always have their physical health needs met. How do you think we can improve this?
  4. How best can we bridge the gap between children’s and adults’ mental health services?
  5. How can we recruit, train and retain the workforce to deliver the changes we need, particularly to meet your priorities (Q1 above)?
  6. Do you think the NHS should be doing more to prevent mental ill-health? If so, what should we do to improve this?
  7. Are there examples of innovative/excellent practice (in mental health care or that could be applied from other areas) that you think could be scaled-up nationally to enhance the quality of care people receive for their mental health, reduce costs and/or improve efficiency of delivery?
  8. What do you think are the specific challenges that will prevent the NHS from being able to deliver good mental health care, and what should we do to overcome them?
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