On the day briefing: Care Quality Commission's Monitoring the Mental Health Act in 2017/18

This briefing summarises the main headlines from the Care Quality Commission’s Monitoring the Mental Health Act in 2017/18 as well as the press release issued in response.

There has been an overall improvement in some aspects of care in 2016-2018, compared with findings in 2014-2016. In particular, there has been improvement in the quality of care planning and patient involvement. A higher proportion of care plans are detailed, comprehensive and developed in collaboration with patients and carers.  However, there is still considerable room for further improvement.

The provision of information about legal rights to patients and relatives is still the most frequently raised issue from CQC visits. In many cases, patients may struggle to understand information given to them on admission because they are most ill at this point.  The greatest concern from Mental Health Act monitoring visits is about the quality and safety of mental health wards; in particular acute wards for adults of working age.

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