Peer support workshops

Our peer support workshops will enable you to identify where you are now and what more you need to do to escalate the scale and pace of integration. Our approach can be adapted to work with a range of complex situations, across diverse organisational structures or multiple planning and commissioning footprints. We usually run half day workshops facilitated by senior figures in health, local government and social care, with follow up as required.

We run three workshops:

1. Integrated leadership tool (ILT): enabling local health and wellbeing system leaders to identify their ambitions, capacity, capability and commitment to make meaningful progress towards achieving a fully integrated local health and care system.

2. When worlds collide – for health leaders: designed to further mutual understanding and effective engagement for place-based leaders in care, health and wellbeing. Focused on the NHS or local government, it explores organisational differences to help leaders in other parts of the system understand the context in which their colleagues work.

3. When worlds collide – for local government leaders: focused on bringing politicians and officers from local authorities together to discuss their offer to the local system, and working with both local government and health partners in a locality to identify their shared priorities.

By the end of the workshops participants will:

● understand the structure of local government and its role in delivering wider public services

● gauge a politician’s perspective of the environment in which they operate and how this influences local policy and decision making

● consider the implications of these for fostering effective working relationships with local government leaders

● discover how to influence this in the future.

Bespoke workshops

We also offer bespoke workshops, delivered in-house, with system leadership teams where there is a lack of consensus about next steps. We can deliver a series of sessions to help local system leaders to come to a shared understanding of the issues facing their system, and tailor follow up sessions as required.

How to book a workshop

To book a workshop click on the link below

Book a workshop

or for more information contact:

Marcus Coulson
Programme manager – Peer Support for Local Systems NHS Providers and the Local Government Association
07766 252 853

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